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Payel Farasat, MScFA, CLC, CHC, CPH

You are looking at my screen as I look at the SPY to investigate how the market is generally looking right now.

Eyes wide open. There is a TON of money invested in the markets and pumped into our economy right now. Is the money leaving or is it staying?

Look at this beautiful trend line for the SPY. Higher highs. Higher lows. If you are a long-term investor and a Bull like me, you are loving what you are seeing *generally* right now. Looks like money is sticking around— just rotating in healthy ways. From Growth to Value stocks…

Blockchain Technology is like the Sun — it has given life to Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But did you know that several mainstream industries and sectors of our global economy harness their power and progress from Blockchain as well? Let’s talk about the Blockchain Universe and it’s far reaching impact on the global ecosystem in context of something we know well — the Solar System.

We all see the Sun rise and set every day — to many of us, the Sun may be like a constant non-event in the backdrop. But did you know that the Sun itself goes through many phases and changes. Without the Sun, life as we know it would be non-existent. Just like the Sun, Blockchain is shining in the background right now. Rising each day and providing life, sustenance, and growth to many industries. Yes, Blockchain’s humble beginning was the spark that gave birth and life to Cryptocurrencies; however, don’t let the trendiness of Bitcoin, which showcases Blockchain’s financial…


Happy International WomXn’s Day, every day!

WomXn are everything from being individuals to being mothers, sisters, daughters, employees, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Despite the progress society has made in the treatment of womXn at home and at work, the truth is that we still have a long way to go towards true equality, diversity and understanding. Example: In 2020, only 3% of Venture Capital funding went to female founders. Yikes!

Every day — not just today — we should be recognizing the achievements and contributions of womXn. …

PC: Android Game

“Don’t fight the Fed” is a phrase or a casual policy of sorts that tells investors to align their investing strategy with the current monetary policies of the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) — rather than against them. And yet — last 2 trading days, we found the market fighting with the Fed to regain control of monetary policy!

Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve spoke yesterday and said that we should expect to see one-time’ish surge in short-term inflation sometime this summer (post vaccine rollout and return to normal economic activity.) He added somewhat awkwardly that he wasn’t worried about it though — it being … INFLATION. His rationale: he thinks that the summer inflation spike would just be in the short-term and just be a one-time thing.


I personally think that if he COULD openly say what he truly feels, the tape would read something like this … I know how worried investors of risk…

Chart: Historical Personal Savings Rate (2005–2021)

Sentiment amongst consumers — Consumer Confidence in economic terms — seems to be off the charts!

In fact, even CEO Confidence, which is a leading indicator of consumer and investor confidence is off the charts as well!

CEO Confidence is a leading economic indicator. When it’s up like it is now, it means that CEOs may be signaling for more hiring, which means more jobs, more raises, and more disposable income, which as we all know leads to more saving and more spending, and that in turn leads to even more confidence amongst consumers and investors to go for it.

Chart: Leading vs. Coincidental Indicators & Levels vs. Trends

As of 02.22.2021, the latest US Economic Indicators across the board tell us a story of a US Economy that is not in a recession — it is in fact solidly in recovery.

Notice the Level vs. Trend columns in the chart above.

Sometimes, whether an indicator is Better or Worse as a Trend is more important than whether the same thing is just Good or Bad as a Level. All signs as seen in the chart above are pointing towards the US economy recovering.

So, now what?

Despite the usual uncertainty of the Virus, I believe the US Economy is prime for:

  • the formation of new asset classes of investing
  • hyper innovation
  • mega markets

What do you think?

SPACs as an investment vehicle have been around for a very long time, going back to the 1990s. Next time you are juicing it up at Jamba Juice or driving through Burger King, think SPAC!

Can a relatively underdog SPAC industry that has raised almost $800 Billion in 2020 be quietly democratizing the investing world?

SPAC IPOs & Mergers are rapidly taking hundreds of companies public — businesses that need extra capital to expand or that are otherwise struggling to raise enough money in the private markets.

Currently, the Fed has pumped a massive amount of liquidity into the financial markets through fiscal stimulus to combat a pandemic. This has fueled a simmering need for the over-heated stock market to release some steam and find healthy ways to spread its valuations out over more companies that can all together help grow and innovate the economy. In our view, that is what makes SPACs a good thing for the market — they help put excess money back into the economy through the growth of solid businesses that are expected to transform the world and our future. After all, the stock market was originally designed to do just that — mass participation and crowd funding of good businesses on Main Street!

SPACs allows companies that normally would not go public due to the time…

Few know that Crypto — just like the Internet — was intended to be a unifying and inclusive platform, to be the opposition of Wall Street through its overarching premise of holistic things like financial consciousness and inclusion of the masses. Crypto’s promise is to everyday people living on Main Street that they will have greater control over wealth creation and they will have greater power over their own money — especially during times of global economic uncertainty and turmoil. By design, the Blockchain Technology empowers Crypto to be a new kind of money and value with new kind of…

Collateralized Lending & Borrowing backed by Crypto acts as a necessary bridge between the old guard and the new world — between traditional finance and the new DeFi, decentralized finance.

You can go the traditional way or you can consider taking the off-the-beaten path …

And why not? Instead of or in addition to leveraging your traditional assets and securities (your real estate, business, stocks, or cash) to borrow or refinance existing loans, send in your Crypto as your new stand-in. Without any selling and therefore without triggering a capital gains tax event, peers can help peers quickly and easily — transform the world one big deal at a time.

Pros for Lender: The reassurance of holding an innovative and rapidly growing asset class as collateral.

Pros for Borrower: Leverage…

Payel Farasat, MScFA, CLC, CHC, CPH

Payel Farasat is the Chief Investment Officer of BURKHAN WORLD INVESTMENTS and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of V4 CAPITAL, Burkhan’s Private Equity arm.

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