“Crypto Sangria” — The Unifying Power of Crypto & Blockchain.

Few know that Crypto — just like the Internet — was intended to be a unifying and inclusive platform, to be the opposition of Wall Street through its overarching premise of holistic things like financial consciousness and inclusion of the masses. Crypto’s promise is to everyday people living on Main Street that they will have greater control over wealth creation and they will have greater power over their own money — especially during times of global economic uncertainty and turmoil. By design, the Blockchain Technology empowers Crypto to be a new kind of money and value with new kind of transactions and trust. Crypto disarms the need for and reliance on the usual centralized intermediaries — creating an open and transparent system that fosters true financial independence for all.

Few still remember that … so was the Internet. When the Net collided with the world, look what happened! The Net got swallowed up and it ended up consolidating power at only high levels. Just like hot air — all the data, money, and power in the Internet world rises to the top.

So then, how will Crypto and Blockchain fair? They both seem to be on a similar collision path — approaching a confluence with the world and with Wall Street — more rapidly than we had imagined. Will Crypto end up like the Net or will the world have to adapt?

My money is not on crash-and-burn … of anything! Not of Crypto. Not of Wall Street. Not of the World we know.

As I examine Crypto’s founding intentions, its current momentum, and especially it’s untapped potential for hyper innovation, I find that Crypto and Blockchain technology will bring us all together. How?

I see Crypto melding into the Internet and actually creating the capability for people to monetize themselves directly for the first time ever. This is where the Net, us humans, and the economy (value) all start to collide — without middlemen and without unnecessary costs.

As I look into the future, I can see Miami be the next Dubai in terms of technological advancement and sophistication — perhaps thanks to Crypto?

Will Miami have second mover advantage (after Dubai) in their turbocharged adoption of Crypto?

Will Miamians run their lives on an emerging parallel platform?

Will we be able to come together in time to build a decentralized future that is less hype and more of a real movement of utility, integrity, and trust?

Only time and patience will tell … In the meanwhile, check out 3 great resources to further this conversation:

  1. Blockworks Co-Founder, Michael Ippolito’s article: “The #1 rule of Wall Street”
  2. Fellow Cal Alum, JD of Harvard Law, and current Professor of Business Ethics at Wharton, Kevin Werbach’s fascinating book: “The Blockchain Technology and The New Architecture of Trust (https://www.amazon.com/Blockchain-Architecture-Trust-Information-Policy/dp/0262038935#aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div)
  3. Our new, bold venture in Miami alongside Dubai’s IBC Group to make Miami the first and most technologically advanced city in the United States: “Dubai’s IBC Group Pledges 100,000 Bitcoin, the Largest Bitcoin Investment in History, to Support Setup of the Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy Foundation” (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/dubai-ibc-group-pledges-100-175500092.html)

Payel Farasat is the Chief Investment Officer of BURKHAN WORLD INVESTMENTS and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of V4 CAPITAL, Burkhan’s Private Equity arm.