Don’t Fight The Fed — they say!

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“Don’t fight the Fed” is a phrase or a casual policy of sorts that tells investors to align their investing strategy with the current monetary policies of the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) — rather than against them. And yet — last 2 trading days, we found the market fighting with the Fed to regain control of monetary policy!

So, now what?

— Watch closely how correlation changes between different asset classes! This is going to be key moving forward.

— Watch closely what the Fed says and does at the next meeting. Who is going to blink first??

— Search high and low for strong inflation hedges. You just may be forced to pay close attention to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency assets and their relationship to other risk assets-after all!

Payel Farasat is the Chief Investment Officer of BURKHAN WORLD INVESTMENTS and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of V4 CAPITAL, Burkhan’s Private Equity arm.

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