SPACs: Minding The Gap while offering the “little guys” greater control over their investment choices and decisions.

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Currently, the Fed has pumped a massive amount of liquidity into the financial markets through fiscal stimulus to combat a pandemic. This has fueled a simmering need for the over-heated stock market to release some steam and find healthy ways to spread its valuations out over more companies that can all together help grow and innovate the economy. In our view, that is what makes SPACs a good thing for the market — they help put excess money back into the economy through the growth of solid businesses that are expected to transform the world and our future. After all, the stock market was originally designed to do just that — mass participation and crowd funding of good businesses on Main Street!

We are fellow stakeholders, so we take our role in the democratization of the investing world seriously as one of our 4 Vs or values.

Either way, it’s a new model of inclusion where investors have a VOTE, a VOICE, and a CHOICE (to buy or not to buy, to sell or to hold) through how they deploy their capital.

Payel Farasat is the Chief Investment Officer of BURKHAN WORLD INVESTMENTS and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of V4 CAPITAL, Burkhan’s Private Equity arm.

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